Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Establishing a business brings up many questions and issues which can not be ignored before the business is started. Besides the technical activities necessary for setting up a business, it is worthwhile to get proper advice leading to the success and prosperity of the business. Today, in the business world, there is a real need for business consulting and business support. One can certainly say that the chances to succeed of a business who employs the services of a business consultant, are significantly higher than the chances of a business that chooses not to use business support. Continuous guidance on managerial aspects will benefit the business and contribute to its growth, especially in the first years of activity. In addition, companies are frequently required to make complex business decisions that may include risks that the company should take, therefore, an evaluation and assessment process of the required financial resources is necessary.

Oshri Gino accounting office provides business consulting, financial advisory, strategic planning, preparation of business plans, and valuation of companies, budgets setup, budget management and accounting. Additionally the office works in cooperation with other business entities in complementary fields such as: legal advisers, economists, marketing consultants, business consultants, experts in Israeli and international taxation, and more. The business collaboration is carried out according to customer’s needs and coordinated with him. The extensive experience of our office in the areas of business management and business collaboration allows us to provide a comprehensive solution and high added value for your business .

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